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Reflexology massage pinpoints the feet, hands, and ears, using specific touch on these areas which serve as miniature maps of the whole body, allowing the corresponding organs, glands, and body parts to be affected. Reflexology can help with circulation, ease pain, and promote relaxation.  Trained in the Flocco Foot, Hand, Ear (FHE) Method of Reflexology. 


Cupping Massage uses a silicone cup. When placed on the skin creates a vacuum that pulls up the skin, and fascia and will create space for the blood to flow into those tight muscles when it was inhibited before. The blood feeds the muscles with Oxygen, helping break down muscle tension. Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method, used for thousands of years. Massage Kneads has seen great results using this technique for Scar Tissue removal, frozen shoulder blades, carpal tunnel syndrome, atrophy, neck and shoulder muscle tension. 

Kimberly Austin, Certified Massage Therapist

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